What is an ESR

An Election Situation Room is a multi-stakeholder platform that brings together Civil Society Organizations and Electoral Management Institutions for immediate sharing of information and recommendations so as to have credible, real-time analysis of election information before, during and after polls. It is a highly effective mechanism for mobilizing intervention from key stakeholders in the election process by engaging with official structures in a constructive manner. This allows for cordial relationships with Civil Society Organizations, Election Management bodies and Citizens throughout the election period.

The Election Situation Room also provides objective insights into the competencies and challenges of Election Management Bodies, thereby helping to distinguish between unavoidable logistical challenges and the possibility of fraud during elections. The model helps to establish rapid response to emergencies especially in crisis situations that develop during elections such as violence, inadequate voting materials, delayed opening of polling stations, corruption during campaign period and human rights violations among other issues.

Civil Society representatives meet periodically during the period of an election or set of elections to analyze information coming from the field, provide early warnings of problems and immediate recommendations to ensure the credibility and success of the electoral process. Perhaps the most important characteristic of the Election Situation Room is the ability to provide rapid response to election-related emergencies and not just commentary on them after they occur.